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until we sample the bacon. thank you for joining us on "happening now." jon: "america live" happens right now. megyn: you people need help. fox news alert. welcome, everyone. reports circulating of a cease-fire in the middle east. a horrifying story unfolding on the gaza strip. that's where we begin with today's edition of american life. after nearly a week's worth of fighting, both people now say progress has been made. our own diplomats, including hillary clinton have raised through broker an end to the fighting. rockets rating down on israel, sending them running for their lives and israel's iran dome
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rocket defense system, inside the gaza city, a horrifying display. this is what happened after six men, accused of spying for israel, were pulled from a van and shot. a photographer was getting this picture of a body being dragged behind the streets by members of hamas. wheatland bedard has an update for us now. reporter: right now, the very latest as we think that there will probably be a cease-fire. those are the latest reports. indications out of cairo and out of israel that we are very close to a deal between hamas and israel. brokered by the egyptians. you might say that this is penciled in right now. any indications on the ground that a cease-fire is close. an incredible increase of firing by both sides. so far today, more than 300 rockets flying out of gaza into
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israel. they have figured out how to defeat the iron dome missile defense system. right now we are getting an alarm here. in coming to this location, we are going to get our photographer to turn around. if you watch that picture, there is the interceptor going straight overhead. coming back here, towards the gaza strip. a huge explosion overhead right now. outgoing artillery right here, the cease-fire is in place and it is not holding. we haven't had been announced yet, but the latest indications are the earliest cease-fire would come just about midnight local time and typically in the middle east. there is a huge amount of firing as both sides try to hit as many targets as they can. islamic jihad has said that they are going to continue firing up
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until the very last minute inside the gaza strip. the israeli forces just recently when after two people that were associated with islamic jihad. trying to take out lower-level echelon of the leadership of the organization. they went after the very upper echelon of those leaderships. the other thing happening in the past 12 to 24 hours is the israeli artillery is firing into the gaza strip is people are moving forward. especially rockets and denying them access to that border region. interestingly enough, that is the same artillery that would be used in the beginning of a ground assault. that is what all this maneuvering is trying to stop, a ground attack. it looks like that is the way we are headed towards a cease-fire deal. in the middle east, these things can fall apart so quickly. you can go from a report of a
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cease-fire deal to the report of an all-out ground offensive in a matter of 10 or 12 hours. megyn: let me ask you a question. seeing the rockets come in and see me there without your helmet , it feels very strange to me. can you explain a? >> well, i really hope my mother is not watching. but i don't have my helmet on. we have probably gotten pulled into a sense of security, as many people have. there are a million is really people here. the only good part that we have going for us right now is that we are out in the field where there is nothing that anybody wants to hit. so obviously, these hamas rocket tears are experienced. the israeli artillery is firing in that direction. probably we are in it about as safe of a location as you can get. certainly for everyone here,
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this is a very tough time. megyn: we hope you are right about your choice of location. thank you so much. unbelievable to see it unfold live on television. we do it from the safety of the studio, but it's right out there. incredible scenes over the past two days. a trio of warships being sent to the eastern mediterranean. the ships were due to return to norfolk, virginia, but they will be delayed for several days. the ships would not play a combat role and would be used instead to help americans in the area. in the meantime, turkey's prime minister is suggesting that israel's response to the rocket fire that has been raining down upon it amounts to terrorism. and accusing world powers of supporting the attacks on gaza. the state department is
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challenged, questioning its reaction to the terror comment and suggesting that israel is engaging in terror and asking about the obama administration's quiet diplomacy in connection with this conflict. watch this. >> anyone being less quiet might get more results, they are staying silent while people are dying left and right. >> you are being far from silent. >> the leaders of turkey are coming out and saying that they are engaged in acts of terrorism and you say you don't agree with that or you do agree with that. that is being silent. megyn: we will have much more on this exchange. it's rare to see this. we will show you the state department response they got even more heated, and we will talk about it in the next hour. a fox news alert on what could soon be a decision from the federal label officials on whether to allow black friday
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protests outside of wal-mart on friday. wal-mart is facing many growing demonstrations at its stores and claims that these protests by a workgroup have been trying to force its employees to unionize for years. there is a question about whether this is a legitimate attempt to unionize or whether it is an objection to the hiring practices or whether it is a smear campaign to disrupt business on the biggest shopping day of the year. joining me now we have two guests. wal-mart goes to the national labor relations board. under a democratic president, it means less, the sport. under president bush, he can
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step in any way he wants. so they have to decide whether they should stop these protests. do i have it right? >> yes, you have it right. it's been in development, which means the nlrb may not be able to stop any protest that take place at wal-mart on friday. that development is urging everybody who has an interest in mr. turn up at wal-mart on friday and demonstrate. the nlrb is powerless to stop mobilizing people in favor of unionization or in favor of admissions at wal-mart. no matter what they do, the complaint that wal-mart has lodged with it, these demonstrations will take place. megyn: if these union forces are picketing on friday in an
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attempt to get wal-mart to recognize a union, then this is not allowed because they haven't gone through the proper channels. the nlrb is supposed to stop it. but if they are just going to pick it because they don't like wal-mart hours or the way they treat their employees, it's less clear. you tell me whether the unions, per the recommendations or otherwise, they are all out there. they are protesting on black friday, folks are trying to get their tvs, whether that is going to help the pr campaign by the prounion folks. >> it's interesting. the people that humans want to come to their side, working-class folks, blue-collar americans, they are the people who would be disrupted in their shopping because that is the core of wal-mart shoppers. so there is a consideration when it comes to that. there is also this consideration, which is as people go on this day, it is a hectic and frustrating day.
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lord knows that i wouldn't go out in the midst of it anyway. but if you add a protest in the middle of that and you do that, how much does it hurt the business that day and how many people choose to stay away? retailers count on this day for sales. these unions and folks can deny wal-mart enough money, the hope is they are going to be more yielding when it comes to letting unions organize. megyn: duping people will say i'm not going into warmer because i see this picket line? just a group that doesn't like wal-mart? >> i don't think it will have immediate impact. but it will have a significant public relations impact. this is timed for maximum leverage. the biggest shopping day of the year. the biggest retailer in america. you demonstrate outside and get maximum publicity and exercise
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leverage. megyn: what about maximum irritation? >> are you trying to convince them that they should not shop at wal-mart? they might be able to do that. are you trying to convince wal-mart shoppers that workers should be unionize? you will not be successful at that. but you are imposing your leverage on wall street -- excuse me, wal-mart. at a critical time. hold on a second, it is actually broader than this. all unions are flexing their postelection muscle. there have been strikes in oakland, california, and at the airport. a big demonstration planned for los angeles international airport in the next 24 hours and all of this together, means that the unions are flexing their muscles. megyn: are they feeling emboldened? >> not exactly. they wanted to get barack obama reelected. continues but governments
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continue to cut the most important part of organized labor, government worker unions. the republicans are in control of 24 governorships and legislatures where they have total control. they are trying to fight for their survival. megyn: if they park in the wal-mart parking lot and take up space as a people have to circle more, people are not going to be happy. all right, gentlemen, thank you. interesting to think about intervening with this. one of israel's papers making the case for how the gaza is the opening round of israel's coming war with iran, this is strategic by israel and beneficial to it in taking down iran's nuclear program. we will explain coming out. in a fascinating new theory
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megyn: we are seeing new report from the israeli media that the deadly and growing conflict is the opening round of the larger conflict with iran. they have been at odds with their nuclear program. one of the same groups that would likely defend iran, there are growing concerns that israel's conflict could be setting up the ideal condition for them to launch a larger war. joining me now is oliver north, and author of heroes proved, in
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stores today. and lisa kelly. welcome, panel. this is fascinating to me. the reporting discusses whether this is actually, i want to get the termite, they say it is sort of a little war. a war that is going to perceive the big war. the theory is that if israel hits iran's nuclear program, they will strike back. it will use groups like hamas and hezbollah to hurt israel. israel is starting by taking out hamas and its rockets and then they go for the big enchilada, which is iran. what are your thoughts? >> it would be good if israelis started the strike, but they did not. it was done by islamic jihad organizations, going on for the last several months. israeli finally responds by
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taking the sites, all of which were delivered by iran, delivered to hamas and islamic jihad to sudan from iran, handed over to hamas by the egyptians. there is no doubt that israel would benefit from taking out this thread if they were about to strike iran, and it is a serious prospect that will give the same kind of opportunity for hezbollah in the north and got her bed, a collapse of the jordanian government next door. megyn: colonel north was talking about these rockets, coming from iran, israel is very worried about them because they are long-range and its mobile than. getting smuggled from egypt to hamas, we are told that under
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hosni mubarak, he used to monitor this, but since he has been ousted, the flow has increased and israel is very worried about this. do you think that this war is benefiting israel and its ability to take out these types of weapons for any potential hit on the wrong? >> we have motivations on both sides. ethereal that israel started with, which the kernel accurately said that they didn't, that israel will continue this in order to eliminate some of the iranian elements. if we look at this as a proxy war that ron is launching against israel, to not only flex their muscles and show the israelis that we can and we will be a direct threat from the north, and from the east with the iranian regime and their own elements, not only that, but the
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iranian regime has been looking for distraction for a very long time to take the international community's attention off of what they are doing in syria. as well as their ongoing nuclear program. as you mentioned, what is going on with egypt and turkey, it has been a rough neighborhood. they got a lot more difficult for them to take on these developments. megyn: hillary clinton sweeps and suites in at the last moment. if you watch the rocket fire rained down in israel, here you go. i assume they wouldn't be sending her they didn't have a deal? >> i think the administration wants to be seen as playing the role of peacemaker in august. i don't necessarily think it's a done deal that there is going to be a cease-fire. after all, it is to iran's benefit if they continue to perfect the firing systems the way they deploy them and command and control them. the upside for the israelis is
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that they now know that some of the vulnerabilities of the byron jones system and they know it can be overwhelmed by roche fire. so they are going to have to improve what they're doing to improve their people. as long as iran gets away with sending these emissions through egypt and lebanon with hezbollah, it's going to continue. megyn: your thoughts? >> the sad part is how irrelevant and weak the americans look. a terrorist state is what they were called yesterday, egypt can be a conflict in the crime. the short-term with sending hillary clinton over there. but in the long-term, president obama still had the ambition of negotiating with the terrorist regime in iraq.
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megyn: thank you both so much. up next, a possible serial killer on the loose in new york city. also coming up next, a little bit later, we will talk with marc berman on developments in the o.j. simpson case.
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megyn: fox news alert, this is just coming in across the wires, we are being told that the first soldier of the israeli army has been killed in a rocket strike. this is the first soldier we're told to be killed in a rocket strike in israel in connection with this gaza conflict. that's all we know at this hour. we don't know when or anymore circumstances, but the death toll continues to rise in this region, and you heard leland vittert say moments ago that ironically perhaps a sign that a ceasefire may be coming is the increase of rocket fire between the two sides who may understand
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that the diplomats are trying to broker a peace, and they don't have much longer to keep trying to kill each other. we'll have more on that as we get it. we're tracking a story about the serial killer who may be on the loose in new york city. this man who they call john doe duffel bag about why he was spotted walking away from two of the three crime scenes. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: and we just now learned the fbi's famed profilers are being involved in this case which is being called the craze -- crazy 8 killer because all of the victims had an 8 in their addresses, and two of the three murder scenes they believe they spotted the very same man. they've only released video in one of those, you're seeing it right here, the man carrying a duffel bag caught on surveillance. prison put out the -- police put
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out the fact that this man may be a suspect or a witness, and all of the cricket victims -- victims were middle eastern shopkeepers. here's ray kelly talking about possible hate crimes. listen. >> again, that's not something that we're ruling out. we certainly have to put that on the table. we have members of our hate crimes it is task force workingn this it is task force as well. >> reporter: yeah. the police commissioner also added that this person he believes spent weeks casing each of these various locations because they were meticulously and methodically pulled off. he's talking about shops that all of the shopkeepers were alone at the time, that there were no surveillance cameras in any of these shops, only outside where you saw the video earlier, and in two of the three there were robberies. there were a couple other people that were seen running by, and police investigated them as well. it's not this, it's the next
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video. you can see them running by. one of them is a shoplifter being chased by the vendor, and the other was a woman that had no involvement in this at all which is why they're so focused on john doe duffel bag, and the scary thing is they believe he may be planning his next crime why police are scrambling to catch him. megyn: trace, wow. new concerns today that some of the criticism being lobbed at our u.n. ambassador, susan rice, is being delivered by what one law maker calls racial code words. and the mysterious explosion that destroyed dozens of homes, but police say this is now a criminal homicide investigation. we'll tell you why. and doomsday predictions are getting renewed, attention, as we round out the year 2012. but fox news began investigating these theories in june of last year.
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we were away ahead of these late comers to the party, and starting tomorrow we'll tell you what we found. >> this is the temple of the inscription, the final racing place of the mayan king who reigned here for nearly 70 years. under his rule architecture, art and strongmy flourished -- astronomy flourished. >> the way they line up is turning out to be a very rich field of study right now. >> there seems to have been an ancient idea as above, so below to bring down the perfection of the heavens to earth. and in some way to unite heavens and earth.
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megyn: fox news alert, moments after the israeli army reports what it says is the first military fatality in the conflict with hamas, we are seeing some new, compelling video. look at this, leland vittert live on the scene with his helmet on as renewed rocket attacks are seen from our camera position near the border between israel and gaza. just a few minutes ago we got reported that an israeli soldier was reportedly killed in one of the dozens of strikes. look at it raining fire in the sky. you can hear leland, he was getting ready for -- he was going to do a hit for fox business network which he has not yet done, but this is the scene. this is a day at work for him and a day of fear for many israelis, not to mention those in gaza. more on that in a bit. well, new controversy today
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involving ambassador susan rice's comments about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. nearly a hundred house republicans sent a letter to president obama asking him now not to nominate her to be our next secretary of state. you remember the president last week said i'll nominate her if i want to. she is widely viewed as having incompetently misled the american public in the benghazi matter, and those words are being criticized by james clyburn who says they are racially charged. >> you know, these are code words. we order them during the campaign. during this recent campaign, we heard senate sununu calling our president lazy, incompetent. tease kinds of terms -- these kinds of terms that those of us, especially those of us who were born and raised in the south, we've been hearing these little words and phrases all of our
10:35 am
lives, and we get insubtled by then -- insulted by them. megyn: joining me now, mike gallagher and alan colmes. we talked about this a little bit yesterday, but now james clyburn, who's a powerful voice on the hill, is jumping into the mix and suggesting that the criticism of susan rice is racially charged. eleanor holmes norton, the sort of, you know, the d.c. delegate, she doesn't have an official role, was on in this show yesterday, and she was saying i don't agree with that at all. she disavowed it. mike, your thoughts. >> well, he may have a powerful voice, but it doesn't make it right. i don't know what it's like to be discriminated against because of the color of my skin. ful, i'm a white -- obviously, i'm a white guy, but it seems to me this argument precludes any criticism from ever being leveled against her. i mean, a lot of president obama's defenders have said the same thing, oh, this is code. we started this sort of talk about the dog whistle, the fact that some people hear racist
10:36 am
thoughts when there is no racist intent, and now clyburn who is a longtime race baiter, he's done this for years, he's now trying to, i believe, stifle any criticism, squelch -- knock off any criticism of rice by hiding behind this mean-spirited charge. i just find it sad. i hope the american people reject it because there are real instances of racism in this country to be dealt with. this isn't one of them. megyn: alan, is that an effective means to shut down criticism? >> no. and by the way, the american people have already decided that the attacks were not going to play, they decided that when they reelected barack obama against republican wishes that this kind of attack would have changed the result of the election. and i just don't think it's wise for republicans on the heel of the election to pick as their first target an african-american woman, a very accomplished one, just from a purely politically-strategic standpoint, i don't think it makes sense.
10:37 am
this is a woman who had nothing to do with benghazi, she gave information that was given to her by the intelligence community. she did it without prejudice and without trying to take one side or the other. she had the information in front of her, and she is being attacked for doing her job. and i think it's a teaching error finish. megyn: is that mere comment dividing us by race? susan rice should be treated differently -- >> i didn't say that -- megyn: you said they shouldn't go after her because she's african-american. >> the first thing they do is to go after an african-american woman, i think it makes no sense when thai trying to broaden -- when they're trying to broaden the party. megyn: that's the question. did they go after an african-american woman or the u.n. ambassador? >> they went after a woman who made the sunday talk show rounds claiming the deaths of our ambassador and these three americans were due to a youtube video. and, megyn, i'm sorry, you're right to point out that alan invoked the fact that, you know, strategically not smart to go after an african-american woman, would it be smarter to go after
10:38 am
a white woman? >> actually, it would be smart for the republicans to stop this battle that they continue to lose. i'm talking about perception versus reality. the republicans continue to go after blacks, hispanicings. you got mitt romney -- megyn: let me jump in and ask you this, alan, are they going after blacks and hispanics because they don't like the fact that they're black or hispanic, or are they going after them because there are many of those -- more of those folks who are in positions of power in today's day and age if. >> i'm suggesting that the perception is, what they're doing is perceptually wrong. whether or not it's real -- >> you're adding to the perception, alan. >> it's a mistake, especially the facts are that susan rice was doing her job, saying what the intelligence community knew at the time, and furthermore, could have actually been a security risk to people we have on the ground. they were protecting the well being of americans by not calling it terror, by not calling it al-qaeda before they actually knew. megyn: go ahead, mike. >> if there is a perception like
10:39 am
this, alan, your side is contributing to it. the persons, you're suggesting that people of color should be given immunity. >> no. >> from criticism. you don't think there aren't going to be any battles? [inaudible conversations] megyn: let me ask you this, mike, because i want to pick up on what clyburn said. i get the point that, you know, just because you call a black person, an african-american person incompetent, it doesn't mean it's about race. but he sees a pattern with that word in particular which could be charged and lazy as code word. he's saying, look, in my experience those are code words that people of color hear more in the criticism of their professional performance than are used about white people. can you dismiss that outright? >> well f there is a, if there's a belief that somebody happens to be lazy and they're of a particular race, what word should we use? what word should we use because
10:40 am
the person being criticized was a black man? furthermore, there were no words like lazy, incompetence applies to all of us. a lot of white people incompetent, a lot of chinese people incompetent, alan -- >> i don't think it's my place or even yours as a white guy to tell james clyburn with his experiences, i don't think i'm in the best position to make that determination. megyn: i've got to leave it at that. >> i agree. i can't talk to racism. we can talk about right and wrong, and this isn't right, alan. megyn: good debate. a big american retailer pushed back hard against the order requiring it to provide for the morning after pill and even the week after pill they're saying now in its health care coverage. it didn't want to do it based on its religious objections. it just lost that fight. just ahead we'll show you why that loss could be the start of something much bigger on this issue. and a new, explosive theory in one of the most controversial cases of all time.
10:41 am
that the murders -- the theory is, the murders of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman may have been committed by a serial killer and not o.j. simpson. trace reports on the evidence, and former lapd homicide detective mark fuhrman reacts, next. >> when the murders became big news, glen stone's calls to my family started turning nasty. >> i was begging him, i said, glen, i'll come to you, i'll go with you. and he said, no, there's a shoot to kill on me. i said, what do you want me to do? and he said i don't know if i'd ever kill anybody i'm related to, but i'm not sure. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> we, the jury in the above entitled a, found the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of penal code section 187a, a felony upon
10:45 am
nicole brown simpson, a human being as charged in count one of the information. megyn: who could forget that moment, where you you were when. simpson was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and her friend, ron coldman. much of the nation would later maintain o.j. was, in fact, the killer all i listening, but the only -- all along. now, however, more than 15 years later a new documentary claims that the couple may actually have died at the hands of a serial killer. trace gallagher explains. trace? >> reporter: that convicted killer, megyn, is a man named glen rogers on death row in florida for two murlds, one in tampa and one in los angeles in 1995. he's suspected in as many as ten other murders. now, the discovery channel investigation didn't talk with glen rogers, but i want you to listen the rogers in a 1995
10:46 am
radio interview talking about nicole brown simpson's home. listen. >> i was working in the los angeles at the time, and i was working on the houses next door to hers, and actually went through her house with the company that i was working for. >> and, in fact, rogers has apparently produced receipts that proved he was, in fact, working as a painter here in west los angeles in 994. rogers claims o.j. paid him to steal into nicole's home and, quote, kill her if necessary. a criminal profiler also says rogers also knows things about the murders that only the killer could have known including descriptions of the exact sequence of the killings of denise brown and -- nicole brown, rather, and of ron goldman. fred goldman remains convinced that o.j. butchered his son saying, and i'm quoting here, the fact of the acquittal at the
10:47 am
hands of the jury will never wash away this murder from the hands of o.j. simple szob, no matter how many glen rogers' pop up on the media radar screen. of course, the serial killer theory never does explain the trail of blood that led from brown's home on bundy all the way to o.j.'s home on rockingham, not to mention the mountain of evidence that also pointed to o.j.. megyn: trace, thank you. and for that we turn to our next guest who played one of the most critical roles in investigating the o.j. simpson murder trial. former lapd homicide detective mark fuhrman discovering one of the bloody gloves. mark's with me now, great to have you today. what do you make of this? >> thank you, megyn. megyn: well, it's kind of hard to find a place to start, but i think the first place we should really ask ourselves is when are we going to stop wrg falling for the o.j. baiting?
10:48 am
this is really what this is. you have a serial killer that never was recognized as a prolific, organized or even interesting serial killer if he was. he takes detectives out to find bodies that he can't find, most of his murders are women that he met in bars that he lost his temper, his mo is scattered all over the place, he's disorganized. he didn't get the attention. he grabbed onto this case, and he might well have been working in west los angeles. so were a couple hundred other thousand people. but with here's the interesting part, megyn, the discovery channel -- which might in the future be called the clueless channel -- takes this because somebody is writing a book, the brother, they're taking information hoping they can sell a couple hundred thousand copies of this book before they realize this guy knows nothing and glen rogers knows nothing.
10:49 am
glen rogers has no appeals left on his appeal, and he really has nothing else to do. megyn: so we may be dealing with the ramblings of a bored serial killer, i -- but what of the report that he allegedly knew things only the killer could have known, including a detailed description of the exact sequence of the killers? i mean, of the victims? >> well, megyn, my book, "murder in brentwood," i have a whole chapter on exactly how the murder progressed from beginning to end, all the injuries, the blood trail, everything that the scene said. so even in 1997 to date all he had to do was pick up the book and read it. and i would probably venture to say that he momentum even have a working -- he doesn't even have a working knowledge of those items in there. believe me, for 18 years much of this information has been out in the public sector, so that would
10:50 am
be nothing new. megyn: speak to the evidence as it came out in that case that was, you know, that pointed to o.j. simpson as the actual killer. because he seems to be suggesting i did it, and by the way, um, i had this relationship with o.j. ginson, and i was supposed to tale nicole brown simpson's $20,000 earrings. just tick off some of the items against o. j.. >> well, if we're going to play the game, let's say simpson gave him $20,000, this guy's working as a painter. then there should be some way to prove the influx of money. the phone records between the two. times and places they met, you can connect that up with times and places that o.j. simpson was or was not. that's pretty simple to do. obviously, that was ran through the wringer in 1995 when he started this and, obviously, that panned out to be nothing. but then when you look at the crime scene -- megyn: wait, before we look at the crime scene, before we look
10:51 am
at the crime scene, we have to take a quick break. that's a good tease. mark fuhrman on the o.j. simpson crime scene. we'll pick it up with you in twe minutes. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiii or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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megyn: all right. so mark fuhrman's going to tell us why he does not believe and in his view no one should believe that anyone other than o.j. simpson committed this crime. >> megyn, when you, when you listen to people try to promote a book -- we just listened to one about some pi that jason did ab sent of any evidence, and here we go again. so you lack -- you look at this. o.j. simpson supposedly hired this serial killer to steal two diamond earrings and kill his wife if necessary.
10:55 am
brilliant. how did this serial killer manage to get o.j.'s shoes, his blood, cut o.j.'s finger, get all the blood from simpson and two victims in the bronco, up the driveway, take a glove that had everybody's blood on it and put it behind cato's bungalow, bang on cato's wall, get in the house, quickly take a shower, leave bloody socks at the end of the bed and an empty knife box for a knife that was the murder weapon in the master bath? and then have simpson not be able to account for how he cut his hand, where he was at the time of the murders, and then the whole thing is great. simpson would sell out anybody on the planet not to be in jail, so why wouldn't he come up i hired somebody to steal some earrings from my wife, and he killed them. megyn: right. that's the big question. why wouldn't o.j. simpson and
10:56 am
the dream team say, all right, we're going to have to cop to larceny because o.j. did hire this guy to steal a pair of earrings, but he didn't murder anybody. it was this guy, judge, it was this guy, jury. they never offered that theory at trial. >> well, of course they didn't offer that theory. and let's not forget that 1995 rogers was shooting his mouth off about this then, but also nobody was paying attention to him when he was saying that he was a serial curl. he is a -- killer. he is a noninteresting serial, spree killer that nobody really cared about and still doesn't. now somebody's trying to make some money. but as a nation, are we this stupid that we fall for these media blitzes and this attraction that maybe there's something more interesting that we can squeeze out of this stale and pathetic and easily-seen crime? megyn: as you know, people are fascinated by that case. thank you, mark. and we also want to thank the discovery channel for allowing us to use the footage from that
10:57 am
special. the special, "my brother the serial killer," airs tomorrow night, november 21st. coming up, we are continuing to monitor the situation in the middle east, and we will have breaking news from there.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
megyn: fox news alert breaking developments in the middle east that could potentially spell trouble for the cease-fire being hammered out by israel and hamas. a soldier has been killed in a rocket attack. it's the fourth israeli death. i'm megyn kelly. this news breaking in the last hour as the obama administration significantly ramps up america's role in resolving this crisis. leaning on mohammad morsi to stop hamas. but rockets continue to
11:01 am
terrorize citizens in southern israel. the capital of jerusalem also coming under wire. secretary of state hillary clinton is e to meet with benjamin netanyahu and palestinian leaders and egyptian president morsi. >> reporter: the president as you know just left asia. he was in cam bode what wrapping up a trip to asia and the violence in gaza was overshadowing that trip. that's yes had to dispatch secretary clinton to the region. the president we are told has been on the phone three times in the last 24 hours top officials say with egyptian president morsi to try and help broker a cease-fire, deescalate the violence on the ground. secretary clinton will be going on to ramallah to meet with president hah bass, the
11:02 am
palestinian president. then on to meet with president morsi. >> her visits will build on the engagement we have under taken the past several days with leaders in region to support a de-escalation of the violence and durable outcome that ends rocket attacks on israeli cities and restore as broader calm in the region. >> reporter: the fact of the matter is as the president gets ready to kick off his second term in office. we are seeing this violence could just be the beginning. and you talk to experts like retired general jack keane. they say the real issue is whether this is the beginning of a much broader conflict between israel and iran. take a listen. >> the problems in the middle east are continuing. there is a rise of radical
11:03 am
islam. they are taking advantage of the revolutionary change sweeping through the region. they were not the catalyst for it but they are seeking the opportunity and advantage from it. in the shadows is our number one national security challenge and that's iran. >> reporter: the other element to watch is the u.s. leans on president morsi within the leader of the muslim brotherhood. this is a shaky alliance between the u.s. and egypt. for years we hughesed hosni mubarak to provide stability. president obama said in a television interview he wasn't certain whether egypt was an ally anymore. now we see president morsi stepping up trying to broker this cease-fire. lindsay graham threatened congress would cut off aid to egypt unless they became a more positive force in the middle east. it's interesting how quickly president moralsy appears to be
11:04 am
responding to that. megyn: here is a look at how the conflict got to this point. it began november 10 with rockets and mortars being fired into gaza. then israel's response began. one of those strikes killed the commander of hamas' military wing, the guy they call hamas' usama bin laden. 650 rockets have been fired at israel in the last six days. israel has responded with 1,400 air strikes as well as preparing troops for a possible underinvasion of gaza. it -- possible ground invasion of gaza. we'll have a live report from the israel-gaza border where the
11:05 am
rocket fire has increased over the spafnt day and we'll be joined by the mayor of jerusalem whose city came under fire earlier. he will tell us how the people of his city are handling the danger. a federal judge rejecting a request from the company hobby lobby to block part of the law. the arts and crafts store objected to the rules that require them to provide for abortion pills, the morning after pill, the week after pill. it ends the pregnancy very early on in its healthcare coverage. it didn't want to do it because it has religious objections. they have strong religious beliefs. they went to court saying we should be excepted from this. even though we are not a religious organization. it's a major blow to the company that operates 500 craft stores with 13,000 full-time employees
11:06 am
eligible for healthcare. hobby lobby which is self-insured will face a daily $1.3 million fine if it refuses to ignore this law. jay sekulow is chief council for the american center for law and justice. this is a george bush-appointed judge that ruled against hobby lobby. he seemed to feel the law required him to do it. he says i'm not unsympathetic but the plaintiffs have not cited and this court has not found any case that secular for-profit rights like this one have a constitution ago right to the free exercise of religion. your thoughts. >> reporter: three judges declared the laws apply to companies with religious objections and three judges have not allowed that mandate to go forward.
11:07 am
three judges have gone against that position. one of the judges that said requiring an employer that has a religious conviction to provide a product here -- insurance product that violates their conscience was a jimmy carter appointee. this is not falling on ideological lines. these cases are all headed up to the courts of appeals and a number of them will ends up in the supreme court of the united states. the problem here is the idea that you have to check your religious blefers at the door is absurd. when you have got a government mandate -- let's take a dry cleaner, jewish dry cleaning company, and they decide they don't want to do the dry cleaning of a member of the klu klux klan. do they have a right to say no to that? of course they do. in another context pork is the better meat so they will require a muslim-owned company to provide pork as part of its
11:08 am
restaurants? you can't do that. this idea that the free exercise clause doesn't apply to a for-profit company we think is wrong. three judges agreed with us. three disagreed. this is one of the greatest move on religious liberty we have seen. interestingly the not for profit cases are not moving forward because hhs hasn't issued final regulations for them. megyn: i remember when this first started to come to the forefront. we had a rabbi and a priest on our show and they both equally objected to this particular piece of obama-care even though they weren't necessarily against the law. religious organizations have been exempted from this because they were so vocal in objecting to it. but the exemption doesn't cover entities like hobby lobby that aren't a religious organization. you tell me, as the law stands now, if it's not reversed, then the folks at hobby lobby who are
11:09 am
christian and do not believe in the morning after pill which is more controversial than providing for birth control. the morning after pill -- stops if there is a fertilized egg. it stoipts from implanting in the uterus. you have got many people who believe that's the beginning of life. you can argue over it but that's what the hobby lobby people believe. and they are being forced to pay for a pill that they believe is an abortion pill. that's the meaning of the ruling. >> and subject to $1.3 million in fines every day. i'll draw an analogy to cases involving medical professionals that didn't want to dispense or engage in abortion procedures more this case the nurses participate in an abortion procedure. the pharmacist. and we won those cases. these were for-profit businesses
11:10 am
or individuals but their free exercise rights went with them. if you have a company that has a set of principles they should be able to stick to those principles unless there is a compelling government interest. there are six decisions, 3-3. three judges said it's unconstitutional. three judges says it is exempt. we have a case in the 8th circuit. it will be at the supreme court in not this term, next term. it puts the employers in a horrible position. there are some companies that don't minds the law as at law but they just don't like the mandate. megyn: it's not if you work for hobby lobby you can't get them. but hobby lobby wouldn't pay for them. there is an argument to be made that if they offer the health coverage they have to gift. >> employers will say enough of this. we'll pay the fine and give the
11:11 am
employee a voucher and go finds your own insurance which is what i think the obama administration wants, then you end up with a single pair because private insurance comes a thing of the past. megyn: jay sekulow, thank you. we'll catch up new attacks on israel and gaza, an a.p. reporter is getting attention for taking on the state department, suggesting it is not doing enough to stick up for israel. >> i'm not going to get into a public spitting match. >> that's worse than hundreds of people dying every day? megyn: we have never seen anything like this happen in the state department. we'll show you the fierce exchange that happened. megyn: a woman who decided the best way to deal with a
11:12 am
slow-moving special needs school bus was to drive around it on the sidewalk. >> reporter: would you like to say you are sorry? would you like to say anything at all?
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
megyn: a reporter for the associated press not happy that our government has refused to condemn a statement by turkey, a u.s. ally, calling israel a terrorist state for defending itself in gaza. listen to the a.p.'s matthew lee and victor florida yeah nuland. >> you said it won't be helpful to discuss tonight conversations, that quiet diplomacy is the way to deescalate that. you have been doing your quite diplomacy for almost a week. how's it going so far? >> do you thinking about less
11:16 am
quiet might get results. the squeaky wheel gets greased? you are staying silent while people are dying left and right. >> we are being far from silent. >> the leaders of turkey cop out and say israel has engaged in acts of terrorism and you refuse to say you don't agree with it, or maybe you do agree with it, thatments being silent. >> we have made a decision that we need to engage in our diplomatic work diplomatically. we have been very, very clear about what we stand on this. >> you don't practice diplomacy from the podium. >> we have been very clear israel has a right of self-defense. we have been clear that rockets continue to be fired and land on israel. we have been clear we are working to try to get this conflict de-escalated. we have been very clear our concern for the civilians and
11:17 am
innocents on both sides getting caught in his. >> you don't stands up for your ally israel when the turks, another ally say they are engaged in terrorism in gaza? >> we have been extremely concerned about the security of israel and the facts that they have a right to self-defense but i'm not going further than that. >> why didn't can't you say you don't agree with the turks? >> because i'm not going to get into a public spitting match with allies on either side. >> you think that worse. a public spitting match with one of our allies is worse than people dying every day. >> i don't understand the question here. you are just looking for a fight. >> the fight is already on. it's going on over there. and you guys by refusing to say anything about what you are trying to do and refusing to say whether you agree or disagree with comments that are being made by your allies or others, that makes things worse not better. >> we of course agree that
11:18 am
rhetorical attacks israel are not helpful at this moment. is that what you are looking for? >> yes. >> thank you. megyn: joining me now mark theisen and juan williams. victoria nuland at state and the associated press going after her. what did you make of it? >> i'm glad he pushed her on it. he didn't just call israel a terrorist state. megyn: the turkish prime minister. >> he said israel was engaged in ethnic collection. sooner or later israel will answer for the blood it has head. this morning he gave another speech in which he urged hamas to keep fighting and die as men do. this is the kind of language we expect from the leaders of iran, not from the leaders of a nato ally. of course, the state department should have vigorously condemned
11:19 am
those we marks and more importantly is what the president does. the president said during the fall campaign, israel i have got your back. now is his chance to show it. when the prime minister of turkey is fanning the flames of war to say to the prime minister of turkey if you want a strong relationship with the united states and our support to join the european union you cannot fan the flames of consequences with your relations with the united states. megyn: she said i don't want to get into a spitting match with another ally, turkey. does that work for you? >> that's fine. what's striking to me in listening to mark and mr. lee's comments, the a.p. reporter. i think they value the rhetoric more than the action. the action that's been taken here is to try to get turkey to act as an interests meade airy a -- r -- act as an interests -s
11:20 am
aggravated by fire from hamas coming towards israel. in the arab communities and the muslim community there is a lot of talk about the fact this is not a fair match. israel is superior military power. and as a result they are making it out to be the case that somehow israel is the aggressor when hamas has bent aggressor. i think the united states in trying to seek long-term peace, it's not in our interests to step in and have empty attacks on the turkish or egyptians. the idea is to make them work for our cause. megyn: do it matter what we say, if we just stay silent in response to turkey's comment? >> of course it matters what we say. juan knows very well what it says matters have much along with action. weakness is provocative. if you look at israel's
11:21 am
situation in the world, in addition to its enemies in iran, syria, hezbollah and lebanon. it now has a situation where a once friendly country egypt is ruled by the muslim brotherhood and the muslim brotherhood would be happy to join hamas if he wasn't afraid of an economic collapse. we have turkey talking like iran when it comes to the consequences that there is a price that israel will pay for its actions. israel has never been more alone. the world needs to know the united states stands with them. the president so far says israel has a right to defend itself and that's so far so good. but the big test, if the rockets don't stop and israel decides to do a grounds offensive will the ps back israel?
11:22 am
that's the real test. >> what message are we sending in i'll pick it up with juan right after the break. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
megyn: juan, your thoughts on weakness provocative and staying silent is somehow a message to the world that we may not have israel's back? >> i don't think that at play at all. mark says words have power and i couldn't agree more. but in this situation i think strengths requires some degree of restraint. the united states has been very clear in saying israel has a right to defend itself and actions speak much louder. the iron dome protecting israel is a u.s.-based idea and one
11:26 am
that the u.s. has fund as well as military assets given to the israelis to responds. i don't think there is any question about u.s. support for israel in the arab mind or near the united states. so the words would not serve any great purpose but to add fire to a flame that's burning in the middle east and threatening world peace. megyn: we just got another statement from victoria nuland where she kinds of repeat wad she said yesterday and added a bit. she said that those comments by the turkish prime minister are unhelpful. and then she described the remarks harsh rhetoric. does that get it done? >> better than yesterday. but what matters is what the president says and what the president projects. words matter. and words can either project resolve or project weakness.
11:27 am
the fact is we have been projecting weakness in the middle east. and weakness is provocative. the fact that we are pulling out of everywhere. we are pivoting from the middle east to asia and cutting our defense budget. that's provocative. we saw it in the embassies that were attacked and the fact that hamas was emboldened in thinking they could get away with this. clearly hamas doesn't think america has israel's back. yuan the united states has been projecting strength and make it plain we stand with israel and israel has the right to defend itself. strength requires we be strong enough to bring this to an end to get some peace and stop this warfare from spreading it it can spread to syria and a larger conflict with iran. when you shift the argument
11:28 am
about all the foreign policy, that's not what this is about. we need to some this now. megyn: victoria nuland says mrs. clinton's goal is to restore calm and adds there is no substitution for showing up. coming up, new clues into what may have caused this massive house explosion in indianapolis that damaged 80 homes. why it's being labeled a murder investigation. new fallout for the woman who decided driving around a special needs school bus on the sidewalk no less was a good idea. that's in "kelly's court." >> all she had to do was go down another street. she was smoking a cigarette and dressed in black. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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unitedhealthcare has been helping people live healthier lives. remember, open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. we can help. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. ♪ >> our crew has seen a lot of rocket fire and we got a chance to watch some of it live. we'll check back in with leland vittert in southern israel. >> reporter: in the past half-hour or so it has been deafeningly quiet. the on thing we heard is the israeli drones overhead. that's significant because we were expecting a 9:00 p.m. announcement from hamas about a cease-fire. so far there has been no
11:33 am
announcement but there has not been a lot of fire. up until 9:00 p.m. was an awfully large amount of ammunition going out in terms of israeli artillery and the rockets from hamas and islamic jihad. that's wausau an hour and a half ago during our live shot. there were also illumination flares making a lot of noise with the artillery as well. was that the storm before the calm or some other type of diversion or some other attack? we have no idea. the on thing we do know is there is yet to be a formal cease-fire declared that some deal has actually been signed. the secretary of state hillary clinton is en route, scheduled for an 11:00 p.m. meeting here an hour and a half from now with the prime minister. a lot of diplomatic activity between here and egypt where these negotiations are going on. so far the death toll continues to rise. on the israeli side 20 injured
11:34 am
just today in the rockets flying out and on the palestinian side we are at 120 deaths. megyn: in a troubling sign earlier today jerusalem came under fire 50 miles from gaza the capital was long considered out of rocket range. but hamas has more sophisticated weapons thanks to iran. secretary of state hillary clinton expected in jerusalem to meet with prime minister been net. joining us now from tel aviv is the mayor of jerusalem. thank you for being here with us. your thoughts on whether we'll see a cease-fire today. use it' hard to tell because unfortunately hamas wants to december tructs israel and they will use every opportunity to fire indiscriminately. the only way to stop them is by targeting the militants. not the residents of gaza but
11:35 am
the militants of gaza. the deal i'm sure the prime minister will seek a deal where it's very, very clear we can control the militants and decrease their motivation. i'm not sure they are ready for it and i trust the government, in spite of the fact they want to destroy us and will use every opportunity not to maintain a deal, we have to make sure that the motivation is low. hopefully tonight, if not, whatever time it takes, israel is behind our prime minister. megyn: we are used to hearing about rockets range on israel but rockets raining on jerusalem is not a formal occurrence. and it's happened twice now since this conflict began last week. a city of 800,000, describe how that takes this to another lev level. >> first of all, they are
11:36 am
targeting indiscriminately at jerusalem. god forbid, what happens if a rocket falls on one of the holy places where the christians, the muslims for the jews. it's totally irresponsible and it shows how much they care about nothing. in jerusalem like any other city in the country we are prepared for such a scenario. the people are well educated and understand what we need to do when the sirens go off. we know how to deal with the situation and we are right now no cancellation on tonight events. we are living our normal life. but very alert to anything that can happen in the city. megyn: talk about the response from hamas in sort of the -- the grounds war. the air war. but then there is the rhetoric and the war of words from both sides. hamas has been pointing out they suffered more casualties and more wounds. they say 54 civilians have been killed.
11:37 am
225 children have been wound and they and apparently egypt view israel as the aggressor and the terrorist. your response. >> well, shooting rockets indiscriminately is against any international law. and thank god we have the best defense mechanism against rockets firing at us. gods forbid you know what would have happened if we didn't have that defense mechanism? the casualty numbers in israel would be greats. but thank god we use great technology that israel is so powerful in for medicine better. we also know how to defend ourselves very well. that's why the casualty numbers in israel are much lower than peek expected and thank god. on the other hand. unlike our enemies we are not using indiscriminate fire. our technology knows how to target the militants. you can see that every time we
11:38 am
pull the trigger it's again militants or ammunition it's a huge difference in values and the way we think and operate. i'm proud on what we are doing. you will see the percentage of the militants killed on the other side is extremely high. unfortunately sometimes civilians also get hurt. you should know they are targeting civilians and hiding behind their own children which makes unfortunately some of the casualties very, very much not interested in. megyn: you talk about how the folks in jerusalem are going about living their daily lives. as a new yorker we can relate to having been the target of a terrorist attack and it can be hard to go around and not worry about your zpliewrt the wake of a terrorist attack, especially when the rockets are raining down upon you. do you sense an increase in anxiety in the folks in your city? >> one of the most powerful things you will probably see the
11:39 am
residents of jerusalem like the rest of the country is the understanding that one of the goals the terrorists have is to disrupt our lives. so the counter to that is to maintain as much as you can normal life. we are playing soccer, we have our events. we didn't cancel anything. and when there is an alarm, we use those few minutes to defend ourselves and as soon as it is we are going back to our you are normal lives as soon as it ends. this one of the psychological ways that israel is showing hamas and our enemies, it won't help you. we'll live here and continue our lives and thank god the residents of jerusalem and the residents of the south and the rest of israel are united behind this strategy. we are here forever. you better know that you can't get rid of us. and get off your charter. the charter will never work. megyn: thank you very much for being here.
11:40 am
>> i want to that u.s.a. for its help in helping us defend ourselves. the israeli are gratified. thanks the u.s. administration and the u.s. people for such a support you are giving. thank you. megyn: all the best, sir. coming up. an ohio woman admits to driving around a special needs school bus. of course, she admitted it after it was caught on tape. her punishment? public humiliation. it didn't quite work out the way they thought it would. "kelly's court" takes up the case next. a shocking new twist to a deadly home explosion. why police are calling it murder. >> we can confirm there is an active homicide investigation in this matter. we have been advised at crimestoppers is offering a $1,000 reward in information leading to an arrest in this case. [ woman ] ring. ring.
11:41 am
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. now fallout for the woman caught on tape driving on the sidewalk to bypass a slow-moving special needs school bus. the judge in cleveland i am posing a rather unusual sentence. you see it here in part because she could only be charged with a minor misdemeanor so the judge found an interesting way of upping the ante on her. the sign reads only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. now the city council is looking to beef up the penalty to one that includes jail time. dave siegel with our fox affiliate takes a look back at how she carried out the sentence that was given to her. >> reporter: she remained defines. she took question after question with no response. just a smoke and a smirk. for two days she has to stand
11:45 am
here on for an hour at the corner of 38th and superior in cleveland. and she has to hold this sign. it reads "only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." parents say she has been doing this for a long time. that's why the bus driver record it and showed it to police. then they caught her in the act on september 11. parents find it disturbing that she would endanger sids on a special needs bus and the children at a nearby daycare. all she has to do is go down another street. she don't care. she is standing on the corner looking like an idiot smoking a cigarette dressed in black. >> reporter: part of the reason for the massive media buzz is her unwillingness to say
11:46 am
she is sorry. would you like to say you are sorry today? would you like to say anything at all? that's how it's going to be. one hour today, and one hour tomorrow. >> she is laughing, she is smoking a cigarette. she don't care. she could be made to apologize. >> reporter: i spoke to her mother briefly asking for an apology. she hasn't said sorry once. megyn: well, sheena finally admitted she messed up, telling our fox afeltiate. i did wrong, there is no justification for what i did. i did wrong but i'm no monster. should the penalty have been harsher? joining me now joey jackson and mark eiglarsh. after the fact when media coverage reached a fury, sheena
11:47 am
said i did wrong. there is a question about whether sheena feels the appropriate remorse for driving up on the sidewalk in a manner that could have killed young children or future sheenas should face harsher penalties. >> i'm not going to defend her actions. her actions were idiotic or moronic. i think that his sentence degrades the legal system. if you want to suspend her driving privileges. give her more of a fine. have her apologize publicly then that's appropriate. but when you let these judges acts like little ceasars to amuse the public and throw down whatever sentence they want like they are auditioning for a reality show, i think it demeans our system. megyn: apparently this judge took the example from a prior judge or another judge who
11:48 am
issued such sentences as making a couple dresses of biblical characters and walking with a condi. >> i knew it was coming. i think the sentence is perfectly appropriate. you look at the purposes of the criminal justice system. we talk about justice and rehabilitation. there is a saying in the legal communities. if you are not a criminal when you enter a jail facility you will be when you cop out of one. so therefore i think judges need to be creative. not to otherwise quote past presidents but we need a kinder, gentler nation. we don't have to criminalize everything. this is what the judge was given. the law did not permit him to incarcerate her.
11:49 am
megyn: $250. her license was suspended for 30 days which can be significant and cause financial hardship depending on your situation. but the real thing with the two hours of public humiliation. she doesn't look too humiliated. >> when the legislators go through and delineate what appropriate penalty should be applied. nowhere in there among jail and fines and community service is wearing a public dunce cap. this was her first time she got caught. i don't know that humiliation is the route to go. >> we have to couple with things that are creative. we have to come up with things that send a strong signal and appropriate message so other people will think twice before they do it. if a judge thinks it's appropriate to do this --
11:50 am
megyn: pinkie keerr is a woman. >> let's just say this doesn't apply to this courtroom and other judges will do the shaming penalties more often. >> and they have. >> when a judge wants someone to clean up their act they will make them scrub the courtroom with a toothbrush. they will make them cut their hair if they cut someone off in traffic. megyn: you want it to be a deterrent. this other judge apparently ordered people to write their own obituaries and read them in court as a way to get them out of drugs. >> should we give life in in prison without parole? we cannot construe her silence for not being remorseful. it sends a message loud and clear. it won't be done again. megyn: even when she was specifically asked, do you want to say you are sorry?
11:51 am
>> the great mark eiglarsh would say, keep your mouth shut. megyn: i have got to go, we'll be right back. thank you. om a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: brand-new information on the indianapolis home explosion that killed two people. police are treating this as a murder investigation. >> reporter: they are telling us all the accidental causes have been limb naitsd. they believe this explosion was intentional. they won't talk about the suspects but they are talking about looking for a white windowless van they say was parked in fronts of the house. police tell us they know more about this van than they are letting on but they want to make sure the tips are accurate.
11:55 am
the owners of the house are divorced. the ex-wife lives there with her boyfriend and daughter. they were not home at the time of the explosion. but the ex-husband says the daughter told him the furnace was on the fritz and she smelled gas. the mother says the boyfriend nixed it. but the boyfriend has a long criminal record and the family has a long history of financial trouble. but in a statement family lawyer says the two remain horrified at at tragic events and loss of lives. the blast as you saw the pictures leveled five homes that destroyed or damages 81 others. it killed a young couple. a 35-year-old and his wife jennifer were killed. the the town gave this. >> i could not imagine what the families are going through.
11:56 am
there is a search for truth and there is a search for justice. >> reporter: the cops have been interviewing the neighbors for the better part of the week and the neighbors say they believe that this somehow is associated with foul play. megyn: could it be pepsi to the rescue? what's in a new soda the company claims could help fend off fat? i'll be watching "studio b" today.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
the latest report out of the israeli media is the defense minister is telling a closed meeting that israel wants a 24-hour test period of no rocket fire to see if hamas can enforce a truce before anyone is agreed to. our secretary of state

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